15 Celebrities Who Waited Until Marriage

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We think that dos celebrities are high-flying sex addicts with nothing to do but screw everything that moves. And usually were right! As you can plainly see with some artists, this old sleeps with anyone trope seems to follow even the most popular stars around. But this is a far cry from what everyone in the crows is doing. To each their own lets take a look at the celebrities who for one reason or another waited until marriage before doing the deed.


15. Lenny Kravitz

Okay, so hes not technically a virgin but when he felt that his life was coming apart due to his intense rockstar lifestyle, Kravitz decided to put an end to the madness by declaring an oath of celibacy to slow things down. He has vowed to practice celibacy not until hes married but until he finds whoever the right woman is. Whatever that means.

14. Taylor Lautner


Amazingly enough, this has-been werewolf star has also maintained the same as Kravitz has. While nobody knows if hes slept around before, Lautner declared celibacy for reasons unknown in a 2009 interview. Not that hes all that relevant now anyway so really, who cares? Probably not him.

13. Donny Osmond

Alright if were being honest, this one is a shock or surprise to absolutely nobody. Donny Osmond was raised as a Mormon and as everyone knows, Mormons practice celibacy in the long haul. Osmond has proudly declared and backed his celibacy and insists that it was one of the best decisions he ever made.

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