15 Cheapest Places To Travel And Still Maintain Your Budget

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Drinks, sight seeing attractions, meals, public transport rides and staying at a hostel constitutes major elements of travels. So, whether you are trying out visiting a jungle or going on an elegant summer break, the following are fifteen cheapest places you can travel to within your tight budget.


Pokharai located in Nepal. With backpacker index of $16.65,
Pokhara has turned out to be the cheapest place you can travel to. Most visitors visiting Nepal goes there because of its beauty.



Located in Vietnam and with backpacker index of $17.05, Hanoi is the second cheapest place you can travel to. At Hanoi, you can get a full meal at two dollars.


Saigon is another city in Vietnam. It has a backpacker travel cost index of $17.36. Travelling to Saigon is very cheap. Most of its tourist centers are accessible free of charge.

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