15 Things You Didnt Know About Ryan Gosling

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The age of the internet has all but convinced us that we know everything about everyone. After all, everyone puts their information out-there these days. But more often than not, were shocked to learn a slew of things that havent been announced. Though should we be so shocked? Here we have: 15 things you didnt know about Ryan Gosling

15. He Almost Had A TV Show

Before the movies that made him so famous, Gosling almost starred in a TV show called The Unbelievables opposite Steve Carrell of all people. No reason on why it was canned but were guessing it was for the best considering later offerings.

14. He Lived in a Tent

When the producers of the film Fracture tried to find Gosling to give him the script. This was made difficult because Gosling was living in a tent for over two months at a time. Being the man of mystery that he is, hes never said why he chose to live like that.

13. The Mediator


Gosling is a fan of keeping the peace. When a fight broke out in public in New York City, Gosling stepped in and broke it up before the two could do something that they would regret.


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