BMW Is Redefining The Future. Prepare To Get Blown Away!

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Driving has become a necessity. But what if it isn’t just about going from Point A to B? Considering we practically live in our cars, driving can either be a boon or a bane. What if for just one moment you could get a glimpse into the future of driving? What if you got a taste of what it feels like to sit behind the wheels of a car that emotionally understands? Sounds impossible right? It isn’t.


At BMW, the vision is loud and clear. The single minded focus has been on Sheer Driving Pleasure in the past, present and future. How does one do that? What does it even mean? Think of your car as a driving companion, one who understands your needs almost intuitively. A car that has emotional intelligence and perception making you the Ultimate Driver. Impossible you say. BMW’s Vision Next 100 is a concept vehicle that is positioned to make it possible. So take a walk into the future.

Next level of Sheer Driving Pleasure Photo: BMW

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