Bronx: Janitor Claims To Be Obamas Half-Brother

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The guy who has been employed in a Bronx elementary school as a janitor for the past six months chose his coworkers by surprise when he made the unbelievable claim that the President and he shared the same dad.

At first what appeared to be a farfetched joke, became more and more credible as distinct aspects of his history were proven to be accurate describes investigative journalist for the local newspaper, Jack Adams.

His family in Kenya as well as Mr Hussein maintains Barack Obama was born of an adulterous relationship with his cousin Fatima, who gave birth to Mohammed Ben Hussein, four years before his dad left them and moved to America.


Obamas Kenyan Grandma additionally said in 2009 that His half brother is extremely proud of him


The President felt prepared to confront the truth, Mohammed has sworn to get DNA testing. Mohammed remains optimist, although Washington hasn’t contacted him about his suggestion. We’re like brothers, he’ll come to his senses he reasons.


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