By Ripping Apart His Patio, This Guy Was Able To Create Something Epic

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Few things are more rewarding than coming home after a very long day”s work and having a pleasant space to rest, relax, and recharge. But occasionally, getting the right space for that much-needed chill time requires a little additional work to create.

And this man undoubtedly set in the additional work to ensure that he had a place in his backyard where he could relax to his heart”s content. Take a look at what he did below.

Before he began the job, this was his backyard veranda. He was unhappy by it.

This was his backyard patio before he started the project. He was not happy with it.

So he tore it apart.

So he tore it apart.

It was time to begin rebuilding.


Then it was time to start rebuilding.

He added new gravel…of course his dog was there to help him outside.

He added new gravel...of course his dog was there to help him out.

His next step was to start building a new patio once the gravel was in place.

Once the gravel was in place, his next step was to begin constructing a new patio.

It wrapped round the side of his home, developing a path linked to the principal patio.

It wrapped around the side of his house, creating a walkway connected to the main patio.

What sort of a relaxing backyard veranda doesn”t have a small pond?

What kind of a relaxing backyard patio <em>doesn

The hammock actually finishes the look. I can”t say I”m not envious.

The hammock really completes the look. I can


(source Reddit)

I can picture that his neighbors are quite envious, also. But hey, when you work on something for six months(!), it”s great when the end result is something so very relaxing.


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