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Bruce Jenner is known to many people as an Olympic hero. In the 1976 Olympic Games, Jenner broke the world record for points when he won the decathlon. In a gesture that has since been emulated by many athletes, a bystander handed him an American flag and he held it high as he ran his victory lap, cementing his place in the hearts of many viewers.

In the thirty plus years since the Olympics, Jenner has become a spokesman for Wheaties cereal and appeared on many television shows, most notably Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which he stars in with his wife and children. What has come to light recently has been Jenner’s past plastic surgery mishaps and his recent procedure to correct failed facelift operations.

Over twenty five years ago, Jenner went against the advice of doctors and had a facelift and rhinoplasty. The result was far from what he had expected. While Jenner was certainly not disfigured or horribly scarred, his appearance changed rather dramatically, sparking a flurry of rumours over the years, ranging from horrific surgery tales to the rumour that he was burned while fleeing a burning house with his family. The truth is far less dramatic.


Jenner received an ill advised partial face lift as well as rhinoplasty. He has never spoken publicly about the surgery, and refused until recently to publicly acknowledge the incident. That all changed recently, however, when Jenner decided to have reconstructive cosmetic surgery to repair the results of his former surgery. The results were revealed on his television show with his supportive wife and children by his side. Daughter Kim called the episode “heartfelt” and stated that viewers gained an insight into how the initial procedure affected Bruce Jenner throughout the years.

There is little doubt that cosmetic surgery is popular among stars. When you put your face and body in the right hands and listen to the advice of a qualified surgeon, the results can be remarkable. The tiniest changes can produce remarkably dramatic results. Bruce Jenner had the unfortunate experience to go against surgical advice, and he lived with the results for over two decades. The world finally has a chance to see the new and improved Bruce, and his family seems more than impressed by the results. Whether you know him for his acting or his Olympic heroism, there is little doubt that it is excellent to see Bruce Jenner looking so good and healthy again.


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