These 18 Animals Know How To Make The Most Of Their Playtime

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Working, living in our adult worlds or running errands all day, things really can make you overlook the glory days of classes. Sure, there was assignments and questionable cafeteria food, but there was also that magic time – break. The post-lunch playtime was the top part of our days.

Sadly we have to grow up, but that never appears to be the case for our favourite furry friends. These lively pets understand the advantages of an excellent rest for pleasure is totally critical. Bottom line, we all could use a little more of that in our own lives.

1. This doe is not overly fast.

This doe is too slow.

2. This kitten understands the best way to get creative.

This kitten knows how to get creative.

3. As well as the bunny believed he had the upper hand.


And the bunny thought <em>he</em> had the upper hand.

He was incorrect.

4. However he surrendered!

But he surrendered!

5. Perfect form!

Perfect form!

6. “Fine, I can have fun by myself.”

“It”s called playing dead.”

7. Hey, at least he attempted to help him.

Hey, at least he tried to help him.

8. The most lazy playtime buddy is still plenty of pleasure.

Even the laziest playtime pal is still tons of fun.

9. I don”t believe the one on the left is even attempting that difficult.

I don

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