WATCH: Tea Party Senators Civics Fail: Get Rid Of The Senate! (VIDEO)

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What if the U.S. Senate did not exist? This is the question posed by U.S. Senator after not even being a senator for a full year yet.

Tea Partier Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) said he has come to the conclusion that the U.S. Senate should not even exist, after watching it work for 364 days.

Sasse said Tuesday:

Why is this? Because were not doing the job we were sent here to do. The Senate isnt tackling the great national problems that worry those we work for.

I therefore propose a thought experiment: If the Senate isnt going to be the most important venue for addressing our biggest national problems, where is that venue?Where should the people look for the long-term national prioritization? What precisely would be lost if we had only a House of Representatives, rather than both bodies?

What Sasse meant to say is The U.S. Senate cannot be gerrymandered, so we cant rig it for a permanent Republican majority, and Democrats will still be able to control it from time to time. This is against our corporate and Neo-Confederate overlords. This is by far more accurate of a description of his true feelings.

Since Senator Sasse is so big on the Senate doing productive things, lets see what his one-year record of being productive looks like so far.

  • He proposed moving the U.S. Capitol from Washington D.C. to Nebraska, so that lawmakers can experience conservative family values and living within a budget.
  • He suggested that the biggest threat to America is marriage equality, and insisted we needed to take on the Supreme Court over this.
  • He also managed to be clueless enough, and a big enough time waster, to be endorsed by Sarah Palin. She called him a whistleblower on problems so Americans are aware of them.

This is the guy who says the Senate is not doing the will of the people and not being productive enough; the guy who wanted to move the Capitol to Nebraska because of family time. Riiiiiight.

Watch the most clueless and ignorant Tea Party senator make his speech on firing himself from his own job below:

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    • George Ward

      One reason for the Senate is to slow down the actions of the House so we dont have too much mob rule

      • SidTheScienceKid

        Did you forget that this BS was modeled after the House of the Lords and House Commons ? Did you start rationalizing this absurd on your own ? That is a non reason. If anything, in a country of 330 million people facing break neck speed global changes, trying to artificially slow things by adding more bureaucracy is not a solution, it is a unnecessary hinderance. There is NO GOOD REASON to have two chambers. Gerrymandering is an endemic problem that would then be brought to light in every election cycle.

        • deathfrogg

          So, pass legislation to eliminate the possibility of engineering ones own voting base. Pass legislation that makes it illegal to segregate voters based on political ideology. This isnt a Senate issue, this is a problem in the House. Eliminate the possibility of Gerrymandering voting districts and much of this problem vanishes.

        • DcnScott

          Um bureaucracy refers to undesirable institutional resistance within the executive functions of government. It has nothing to do with legislative (or judicial) branches or functions.

          And gerrymandering manipulating the size and shape of electoral districts is irrelevant for State-wide offices which have direct election (as was not always the case for Senators).

          And it, like most other dishonest political manipulations, would be brought to light, withing an election cycle or otherwise, only through a free press. Which we have not had in the US ever since Reagan eliminated the Fairness Doctrine from FCC rules in 1987.

          • thegreatpeon

            Thats because the Fairness Doctrine is a direct contradiction with the right of a free press in the 1st Amendment. The government cant possibly be capable of determining what is and isnt fair representation in media. Every time the government changes hands you would see a different set of criteria for fairness. In reality, you would have censorship of views opposing the current administration that would be abused by every administration.


          • SidTheScienceKid

            No, dear. Bureaucracy applies to any organization.

        • Chris19741949

          Sid, you would have to amend the Constitution to get rid of the Senate…and the Senate would have to agree to that amendment with a 3/4s majority vote. Darlin, I can tell you right now that will never fly. The Senate serves its own purpose, which is clearly outlined in the Constitution. I suggest that you read it.

    • thegreatpeon

      Oddly enough, the video linked directly contradicts the content of this article. Particularly the title. Senator Sasse never onces suggests that we should eliminate the Senate. In fact, he goes to great lengths on what the purpose of the Senate is and how the Senate is supposed to go about its business.

      In the opening quote, this article directly mis-represents Senator Sasse and then proceeds to paint him as another evil Republican. Ironically, this is the biggest problem that Senator Sasse talks about with regards to the problems facing the Senate. Specifically the 24 hour news cycle and extreme partisanship in front of cameras.

      If you want to write an anti-Republican hit piece, by all means youre free to do so. But you could at least put some effort into making it accurate.

      • Otto Greif

        I watched it because of your comment, youre right. He was calling for more bi-partisanship and shared sense of civic duty.

      • Sandy Jenkins

        I actually have a lot of respect for him for what he stated. Makes me wonder what his other ideas are about. Personally I think if all government officials felt this way we would have a much better government.

    • Mark Coassolo

      Work on getting gerrymandering from the House and
      In the Senate the Filibuster as it should be on the floor and ABSOLUTELY no more 60 votes for anything. 50-50 with the tie by the VP…as is in the Constitution. That will be what will move work and neither are necessary and cause a lot of the disfunctunction that we have now.




    What do you think?