Laravel Support. While if you prefer a free admin panel, Voyager is a good choice. 4. LaraAdmin is a Laravel package to create Admin Panel in minutes. To add admin panel in Laravel, just copy and paste all the CSS and JS files/folders into the vendor folder, and then call these files in the app.blade.php file. This command will create new laravel project. Type the following command. Your quick admin panel saved me a huge amount of time Thank you so much and much appreciated it — Eng.AbbasKhajah (@KHAJAH) October 25, 2020. After installation, edit the .env file and setup the database. Laravel Tinker is a good option for this. Voyager – The Missing Laravel Admin. Create Laravel Expense Tracker in 15 Minutes - with QuickAdminPanel. Laravel 5.5 Tutorial for beginner: how to create/integrating bootstrap template using AdminLTE package in laravel 5.5? Now, define the route for the admin template. Learn Laravel while Creating Blog and Admin side also. Use the below command for creating the default auth system in laravel.